239 Johnston Street, Abbotsford.

Rita’s Cafeteria


7 days a week.

Breakfast from 7:30.

Lunch and dinner from 12:00 until late.

G: “Rita’s is a newcomer to the Abbotsford end of Johnston Street, although you wouldn’t know it. Passing by it several weekends in a row, I noticed that getting a table would be extremely difficult. Our tummy’s rumbled early one weekday morning, so we took a punt.”

F: “I read somewhere that the building was once used by a bunch of guys who wanted to escape their wives for a little while, so they’d go to the building and play cards.”

G: “The interior is simple. Good quality timber used on the bar, with rivets studding the metal façade. The bronze light fittings scattered around the room don’t detract from why we are there. Subway tiles with dark grout give the main walls a purity, without making the space too sterile. Plenty of tables, including a long, communal table if you desire.”

F: “That long, communal table reminded me of the General Store near our old country house. Every time you walked into that place there would always be people sitting together. You (somehow) knew they were strangers, but their love of coffee, or sometimes just the love of the sound of their own voice, made them talk to each other. That’s the same kind of feeling I got from Rita’s.”

G: “The wait staff were just as they should be: available but not fussy. I’ll admit I was expecting some more exciting options on the menu, but I think that’s what the place is trying to go for. A place for people to play cards. Familiarity.”

F: “Maybe they don’t want those that go there to suffer from pretentiousness or feel excluded. This area is becoming so hip and trendy that it’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in and Rita’s is assuring you that it’s not that kind of place. But it’s hard to find a place that has jars of Nutella on the wall pretentious.”

Beans and Ham Hock


G: “I ordered mushrooms, fetta and rocket on sourdough bread and couldn’t fault it. The coffee I had was excellent, strong but not bitter.”

F: “I poured myself my first Chai Tea, which made the event even more memorable; I split some of the milk but it tasted delicious nonetheless. I had a classic: bacon on sourdough toast. One of my biggest fears is that I’ll run out of bacon and be left chewing on the burnt bits of bread. In this case, I was not.”

G: “I am looking forward to returning for lunch as I hear the pizza’s are awesome. And we couldn’t resist taking a takeaway menu home.”



Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

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